How to Contribute

Contributions to generally fall into one or more of the following 5 categories:

Vector Files Tagging

Tags are descriptive words associated with each vector files. Our search system matches tags with your key phrase to locate the vectors you want. So with more accurate and complete tags, search will be more accurate and efficient.

Suggest new features or report bugs

It's a new service so some features you need may be missing. In this case, please suggest those features to us. If you find a bug while using our website, please report it to us immediately using the bug report form

Upload new vector files

Whenever you come accross good vector resources on the web, submit them to us. If you are a vector designer, submitting your work to us will better expose your work to the community and will also benefit other designers.

Translate Projects

If you speak a native language other than English and have some experience translating web applications, we need your help. is translatable into 35 languages. If you are interested making it more native to folks in your country, please drop a message to

Help Us Spread The Word

If you have a website, we appreciate you place a link to from your site. Please click here for images to use.

If you have a blog, write an article about us is the best way to introduce to your audience.

You are also appreciated to send out a tweet, like us on facebook or recommend to all designers you know.